Weekly Wrap-Up

How can two weeks of school gone by? It really doesn’t seem possible. Our second week of school went really well. Only had one bad day and it only started out bad, but after an explosion (nothing to do with school) the rest of the day went well.

On Tuesday (the first day of our week), we added in a few new things. We had our first SQUILT lesson, Mr. Bluesky really enjoyed listening to the musical piece. We also did our first Home Art Studio lesson which was a super huge success, I blogged about it here. Also new was some riddles from Dr. DooRiddle and a page from First Time Analogies. Mr. Bluesky LOVED these. The first page from the analogy book was full of things like the Sesame Street song/game “One of these things is not like the other”. He loved those so much that later in the week he made his own worksheets full of them using drawings and stickers.

First Home Art Studio lesson, he LOVED it!
Elephant being attacked by mushrooms. A drawing for his WriteShop lesson.

Wednesday we did our 3rd letter in Handwriting Without Tears. Conveniently the first three letters spell out FED. I had Mr. Bluesky write the letters together and then told him he wrote a word, oh my, he was so PROUD of himself!

Thursday I added some Halloween fun to our day. I downloaded some Halloween patterning cards and an _at family game from Teachers Pay Teachers. Together we also finally put together our World Map Geography puzzle! We also finished making our bubble wrap corn into a wreath.

Halloween patterning fun.
Bat Race
Bat Race
Puzzle Done
Final Piece!

Friday was our one bad day. It really had nothing to do with school, just a 5 year old who wanted to play, didn’t get his way and had a huge meltdown. It was over with quickly but did make the whole day a little off. I had made an _at family bat and he found that fun but all in all it was an eh kind of day.

Saturday, today went really well. We had been doubling up our WriteShop lessons this week so that we could finish unit one today. He is really enjoying this curriculum so doing more on a couple of days was fine with him. Plus he’d seen the streamers I bought and was driving me crazy asking about them so I wanted to get to the project. He LOVED this, was so happy with it.

Story Kite
Working on his story kite for WriteShop
Finished kite!
He was so proud of the kite! The finished sentence is, “The elephant is being attacked by the Dynamite Mushrooms and a Death Hawk”.
Corn wreath.
Finished corn wreath, it really was a great fall craft.

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Weekly Wrap-Up

First Day

I am all worn out. I admit it. Not sure if it was just first day jitters or what but I am just completely done in this evening.

Our first day went pretty well. Morning went very smoothly. He enjoyed being interviewed and really enjoyed the WriteShop lesson. In fact he enjoyed it so much we went off script and wrote more. 🙂

Kindergarten Interview
Kindergarten Interview (his self portrait is him wearing a red cape).

After a long break of playing in the backyard (him) we moved on to math. During our Right Start Math lesson he was super excited and being totally goofy and it was really hard to bring him back to the lesson and focus, but he was happy. Then we had a break for Nerds, his favorite part of the day!

Eating Nerds!
Eating Nerds!

Next thing on the schedule was a math printout that had 10 Frames (not Right Start). It was super easy for him but it was the first time he’s seen 10 Frames and I think the newness of it stressed him and he just lost it. Total fit. Took a break and came back to it later and quickly got through the rest of the page and then on to a game of Hi Ho Cherrio and all was good.

After lunch we went for a walk to our local park and played, then met up with Grandma and Grandpa and they came home with us to enjoy the Blueberry Corn muffins I’d made. After their visit I had planned to have our Poetry Tea but we were just both DONE by then and decided school was over for the day.

Edited to add: I meant to add how long our school day was. It went from morning until afternoon but that includes so many breaks to do other things. I tried to keep track of how much time we were actually on task. So I am removing the  nearly 40 minutes he was eating Nerds and doing math worksheets and then having a total meltdown– cause we definitely weren’t on task during that time. So removing that time the rest of our school time, just school work, not the video during lunch, not the walk, not the photo shoot, just actual sit down work, it took us a whole hour and thirteen minutes! Maybe I shouldn’t remove that time, maybe everyday is going to have dawdling and some meltdown. Even with it the school time would be one hour  fifty minutes. Which is still in the range I was aiming for, an hour or two.