Rogue Chicken

We were out berry picking when I noticed we were being followed. It was “Rogue Chicken!” One of our hens has decided she doesn’t like living in the coop any more so she has gone rogue. We caught her and put her back with the others but since we let them out to roam our property she just took off again. The only way to stop it would be to trim her wings and keep everyone confined to the coop and chicken yard– but we like our hens to be able to run free (in our completely fenced property) during the day.

I really liked how the photos caught MBS checking to make sure Rogue Chicken is following him. Ha ha, I accidentally typed Rouge Chicken at first and, hey, that works too, she is a Rhode Island Red.

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Not Such a Little Guy Anymore

No, not talking about MBS. Our pup Worf isn’t such a little puppy anymore. He’s almost 6 months old and dwarfs our other dogs.

Not chewing on all these tempting stuffies! Good Dog Worf!

He’s turned out to be a wonderful dog for MBS, and MBS makes sure everyone knows that Worf is “his” dog. They truly love each other. Worf is still a pup but he’s housebroken, only chews on his toys (and has learned to leave MBS toys alone!), and just has a wonderful temperament. He gets along with our older dogs, though he definitely gets on their nerves with his puppy energy and enthusiasm. He does dig holes all over the yard, uses his tail as a weapon, and needs a lot of training but all in all he’s turned out to be a good dog.

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Tot SchoolMister Blue Sky is 28 months old.

We have a new addition to our family. 8 week old Worf. He is a rottie-mastiff-English shepherd mix (aka mutt) and we’re expecting that he will be a giant compared to our other dogs, Poppy Seed and McCoy.

Worf and his very big paws!

Most of our learning right now is focused on how to play nicely with a puppy. MBS and Worf love each other but right now they are not good playmates, as they both play much too roughly. We’re working on it. For the most part Worf is getting along well with his canine siblings, they both enjoy and find him annoying– just like any little sibling.

We’ve been reading books featuring puppies. So far MBS’s favorite is

Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill. This is a very simple book about a mother dog looking for her pup. MBS loves lifting the flaps.

Happy Birthday, Biscuit! by Alyssa Satin Capucilli & illustrated by Pat Schories features Biscuit the dog celebrating his birthday. It has cute pictures and the text is nice for a beginning reader.

A Little Puppy by Jane Feder & illustrated by Amy Schwartz is a very short and simple board book. Perfect for my little toddler, he loved seeing the cars in several of the pictures.

Love is You & Me by Monica Sheehan is a book about love showing a dog and a mouse. I think older kids might enjoy this but MBS was not interested at all, the only part of the book he liked was when they were in a car.

Dog Biscuit by Helen Cooper is a wonderful story about a little girl who eats a dog biscuit and then believes she is turning into a dog. It was a little long for MBS but I just loved this and I’m sure he will too when he’s a little older.

The Best Thing About a Puppy by Judy Hindley & illustrated by Patricia Casey is the perfect puppy book, listing all the wonderful things about a puppy and all the not so wonderful things too. The puppy in this book is so cute! We’ll definitely be reading this again.

Other tot activities have mostly been car and train related. Inside the house MBS really likes lining up all his vehicles in a row. Outside he likes to cover the cars in dirt and then wash them in his pail. On our few sunny days that is how he has spent his time– digging in the dirt with his cars while the dog pack races and wrestles around him.

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Art for Rabbits

Last weekend (before our chicken massacre) we went to the feed store for supplies and as we walked in I saw the rabbits and asked if MBS had already done his Mother’s Day shopping? He hadn’t so I asked if instead of the dehydrator I had asked for if we could get rabbits? Ryan and MBS were agreeable to that so we severely overloaded our VW Bug with not only all our chicken food and bedding but also a large bag of rabbit pellets and a bale of alfalfa– oh, and 3 rabbits. Until we get a hutch built outside they are living in a dog crate (now wrapped in chicken wire– they fit through the bars!) in our living room. While messy, that is actually good because it is giving us a better chance to get to know them and make them more tame. They are amazingly tolerant of MBS’s enthusiasm.

Drawing a picture for the bunnies.
Showing them the picture he drew.
Watching rabbits is exhausting (we didn't take them out the first day).
Sadly this is the best photo of the bunnies I have so far.