Tot School Owls

Tot School

Mr. Blue Sky is 24 months old.

We had a fun owl themed week. We read some books that featured owls (reviewed here):

  1. A Book of Sleep written & illustrated by Il Sung Na
  2. Little Owl Lost written & illustrated by Chris Haughton
  3. Wow! Said the Owl written & illustrated by Tim Hopgood
  4. Whoo Goes There? written by Jennifer A Ericsson & illustrated by Bert Kitchen
  5. Oliver’s Wood written & illustrated by Sue Hendra

We got a set of Do-A-Dot markers (reviewed here) and MBS had a blast drawing with them. At DLTK, I printed out  a rhyme, owl coloring sheets, and a neat paper bag craft. MBS decorated all of them with his new markers.

O is for Owl
Decorating the owl puppet parts.
Paper bag owl.
He likes it!
Coloring owls with Do-A-Dot markers.

We also made some O’s, using printout from Confessions of a Homeschooler and hand drawn O’s.

Trying hard to dot in the circles.
Following Momma's lines.

I read about making your own lacing cards on Tot School. I cut out one of the owl shapes from a coloring sheet and used that as a pattern to cut and owl out of a piece of foam. This was MBS first time doing any lacing and he was easily frustrated but had a blast making the foam owl play with his stuffed owl.

Trying to lace the owl.
Getting frustrated.
Making the owl hoot.
Playing with his two owls.

As a wrap up to our owl week I made some owl cookies. I used ideas from here and here to make them.

Owl cookies.
Must pluck eyeballs first (he LOVES m&m's).

We had a fun week. To see what others are doing visit 1+1+1=1.

Owl Books

MBS has been having an owl theme week, it’s a theme we keep returning to since owls seem to be one of his favorite animals. Our favorite owl book of the week wasn’t really about owls, it was about sleep.

A Book of Sleep written & illustrated by Il Sung Na was a truly lovely book.  The book follows an owl who watches as other animals fall asleep. The text was brief and the the imagery of the book was charming and unique. I was really surprised that MBS liked this book, the owl isn’t the main focus and isn’t very realistically drawn but he asked for this book again and again this week.

Our next owl book was Little Owl Lost written & illustrated by Chris Haughton. Due to a good review, this book was supposed to be one of MBS birthday gifts. But it was out of stock when we were doing our birthday order, and I’m glad it was. It is a cute little story about an owlet who falls from the nest and is lost. Other forest animals try to help him find his mom but his descriptions of her keep leading them to other animals. The story is cute, illustrations clever, why am I glad we didn’t buy it? The color scheme of the illustrations and the odd font used for the text really bothered me– physically. I got a headache reading this book to MBS!

We’ve had Wow! Said the Owl written & illustrated by Tim Hopgood out of the library before. It’s a fun book about an owl who stays awake and sees the sunshine and all the beautiful daytime colors. I want to remember to check it out again when we talk about rainbows.

Whoo Goes There? written by Jennifer A Ericsson & illustrated by Bert Kitchen is about an owl listening for it’s dinner. It has realistic illustrations and the animal life look beautiful. I was stressed reading it the first time wondering how MBS would take it when the owl caught his dinner, but the owl never did catch anything and for some reason that bothered me all the other times I read it. MBS really liked this book, pointing at all the different animals.

Oliver’s Wood written & illustrated by Sue Hendra has the same general idea as Wow! Said the Owl. Oliver stays up all day, but instead of being amazed by the colors he could see it showed what animals he could find. The illustrations are cute but this book didn’t really grab me. Okay, so I was really bugged by the fact that it shows all his nighttime friends falling asleep out in the open but when he’s awake during the day they’re gone and replaced by daytime animals. No, if bats are asleep hanging in this tree they’re still going to be visible in the daylight. I realize it is just a picture book but these kind of logic gaps really bother me, must be my vulcan blood.

I’m linking up to There’s A Book for the picture book reading challenge.

Tot School Birds and Birthday

Tot SchoolMr. Blue Sky is 24 months old.

We had a pretty mellow week here at the Woolly Dragon. The 5th was National Bird Day. To celebrate we watched birds outside our windows and colored some neat pages I printed out from Birdorable and We also read Birds (A First Discovery Book). We have a couple from this series and they are really neat, with some see-through pages that change the pictures. He really likes looking at them.

Mr. Blue Sky spent a lot of time this week playing with his trains and cars. Not only playing with them but sorting them and putting them away. I bought some clear plastic containers with lids that he could remove (we tried at the store before buying them) for him to store his different toys in. He’s learned that all the Duplo go in one box, the train tracks in another, and train buildings, trains, and cars all go in the third. He’s gotten really good at putting them away in the right container, sometimes without any prodding from us!

Saturday was Mr. Blue Sky’s 2nd Birthday! So hard for me to believe that he is two years old! We had been planning on having my mom over for cake but snow in the forecast changed our plans, instead we dropped him off at my moms while we did the grocery shopping. That was nice for them, my mom got to see him open her present and they got some special one on one time. When we got home from shopping we set up Ryan’s laptop so it faced the couch and then Skyped with Ryan’s mom while Mr. Blue Sky opened his presents from them.

The rest of his presents we doled out throughout the day and then we had chili dogs for dinner (he actually ate some!) and an owl cake for dessert. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese and plain cream cheese frosting, using dried pineapple rings, Whoppers, a pecan, and slivered almonds to make an owl face.

Looking forward to life with a TWO YEAR OLD! Visit Tot School to see what other tots are doing. Thanks for stopping by.