B is for Beaver, aka McLane Creek Hike

On one of Ryan’s day off we went for a hike and picnic at the McLane Creek Nature Trail. The trail skirts around a beaver pond. Sadly we didn’t see any beavers but we still had fun. We had a bit of adventure as we obviously missed a turn and while we were always on a trail, it was a not kept up trail, and to get back to the right part we had to pass over (the guys) or wade thru the creek (me).

Rogue Chicken

We were out berry picking when I noticed we were being followed. It was “Rogue Chicken!” One of our hens has decided she doesn’t like living in the coop any more so she has gone rogue. We caught her and put her back with the others but since we let them out to roam our property she just took off again. The only way to stop it would be to trim her wings and keep everyone confined to the coop and chicken yard– but we like our hens to be able to run free (in our completely fenced property) during the day.

I really liked how the photos caught MBS checking to make sure Rogue Chicken is following him. Ha ha, I accidentally typed Rouge Chicken at first and, hey, that works too, she is a Rhode Island Red.

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Well Phooey

For some reason I had it in my head that the link up for the Garden Challenge was this Saturday. I am so glad that I decided to start writing my post tonight since the link up was actually YESTERDAY! So a recap, The Homeschool Village is hosting a Garden Challenge and last month I posted about our planned spring planting.

We finally did get some non-rainy days (not many!) and we were able to get our strawberries and mint plants started in our Earthboxes.

Strawberries and mint plants (garlic in the next box).

MBS didn’t actually help with the planting, he played with rocks and empty planters in the background while I got the planters set up. On another non-rainy day MBS helped Ryan dig up last years garden bed. He had lots of fun playing in the dirt. He especially liked finding an earthworm.

Digging in the garden.
The chickens wanted to find some worms too!

The next week we had another dry day and it was actually pretty warm! We got some seeds planted in the garden. We planted lettuce, radishes, and leeks.

I found a rock Daddy! (I just love his boots!)

Nothing has sprouted in the large garden bed yet but we’ve checked on our strawberry and mint plants and they’re doing fine.

He really likes pulling out the planter tags.

While checking on our plants we also look at bugs and frogs. Little frogs love to live in the Earthboxes watering tubes and we’ve found that our dandelions are quite popular with bees!

Checking on the frogs in the tubes.
Hi froggy!
Happy honeybees!
Our little froggy friends. We have LOTS of tiny frogs on our property.

The weather hasn’t really been cooperating with our gardening this spring. It has been extremely rainy and cold— we even got some snow! Not our normal April weather, hopefully May will be warmer.

Since we planted strawberries in our planter I picked out 3 strawberry books for MBS.

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Bear by Don and Audrey Wood & illustrated by Don Wood is about a little mouse who finds a big strawberry but must find a way to keep it from the big bear. This story had cute illustrations but I just didn’t care for it. The narrator trying to trick the mouse of the strawberry just bothered me when I guess most people find it charming, oh well.

Sweet Strawberries by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor & illustrated by Rosalind Charney Kaye is a folktale about a couple where the husband is grumpy and thinks everyone else is always the problem but by changing his actions he changes how other people react. I usually love Naylor’s books but I could not stand this one. There is a lesson in the tale but the husband never realizes that it is his own actions that change things and that really bothered me.

Thankfully Good Job, Oliver! by Laurel Molk was a winner! Oliver is a small bunny who wants to grow the biggest and best strawberries ever but the bigger bunnies tease him that little bunnies can only grow little berries. Oliver has to face lots of obstacles in growing his berries and uses his brain to solve the problems. I loved this story and the illustrations are great, sadly it is out of print.

Since we have lots of little ribbity guys in our garden I thought we should also study them.

Tadpole to Frog by Camilla de la Bédoyère is a great lift and flap book about a frogs life cycle. I really wish I could find some tadpoles for MBS to study.

Frogs, Toads, and Turtles by Diane L. Burns & illustrated by Linda Garrow is a neat little field guide but it didn’t really interest MBS at this time.

To say that Little Quack’s New Friend by Lauren Thompson & illustrated by Derek Anderson was a hit would be a major understatement. As soon as MBS saw Ryan take it out of the library bag he asked for it to be read, then read again, and again! He absolutely loved this story of Little Quack and his duckling siblings meeting their new froggy friend! We own another Little Quack book so he already knew the characters but his reaction to this book completely surprised us— he’s never asked for a book to be read over and over in a row, not even Thomas the Train books!

We’ve had fun working on our garden and can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can spend more time outside. I’m linking up to both the Garden Challenge and the Picture Book Challenge. Thanks for stopping by.


Nature Walk

We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday so we took a walk on our property.

Carrying his pail for rock collecting.
We watched bees gather pollen on our many dandelions!
We checken on our planters to see how things were growing.
And said "hi!" to the frog that lives in the watering tube.
Stomped through tall grass.
Posed for Mommy (who should have washed chocolate cake off his face!).
Found lots of rocks and put them in the bucket.
Conquering the log obstacle course.
"I did it!"
Rubbed the big mossy tree.
Kids go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah!
Climbed a really BIG log.
Headed for home with a much heavier pail!

It was a wonderful walk.