Mister Blue Sky has started saying “I did it!” whenever he accomplishes something. He’ll often clap afterwards too. So cute!

Mommy and Socks

MBS got his magnetic drawing tablet and brought it over to where I was sitting and drew a picture, talking all along about what he was drawing.

Mommy and her socks.

I’m the figure on the left and to the right are my socks, which were on my feet not sure why they were drawn separately. He’s talked some while drawing other pictures but this was the first time he really said this was “Mommy” and those were “socks”. Of course he had to draw it on a non-permanent thing, sigh. At least I was able to get a photo before he erased it.

Paint Brushes

Earlier in the month MBS painted using brushes for the first time. He was so excited! It was very messy, thankfully the shirt he was wearing was already stained. He painted the paper so much it was falling apart so I didn’t end up saving it but he had fun in the process. He actually got real chatty while painting, not much I could understand, but he sure was talking about what he was doing.

At first he was holding a paintbrush in each hand and then he switched to holding both in the same hand. Next time I think I will only give him one brush and one color paint.

(Yay me! I got the video to work!!!!)


Ryan was reading some books to MBS and in one there was a picture of some bikes. He asked MBS if he wanted a bike? MBS nods head yes. Ryan said, “maybe when you’re a little bit older.” I added, “when you learn to listen when Mommy & Daddy say stop.” MBS got up and ran to the other room and brought back the little wooden Stop sign from his railroad!