First Art Lesson

Mr. Bluesky is an artist, I’m not saying that as a bragging Mom, that is what he says. Not only what he’ll be when he grows up, it’s what he is now. His favorite thing is to create art. Now, a lot of the time I don’t get his art but hey, I can say the same about a lot of art I’ve seen.

We do a lot of art and craft projects here but while I come from a family of artists, I myself am not very art knowledgeable and I wanted to have a little more guidance. After reading different reviews I decided to get Home Art Studio Kindergarten for us to use this year. While I was deciding, Mr. Bluesky saw a video about the program and was very negative about it. He was already an artist and didn’t need lessons, doing her art would mean he couldn’t do his art, on and on with his complaints. I went ahead and ordered the program anyways.

He was still really complaining about the program even as I was about to play the dvd for the first time. And then all complaints were gone. We watched the lesson once, got our supplies together, and then watched it again, pausing as necessary as we did the lesson.

Painting the background.


The first lesson is about primary colors. I did have to help him some, his ability to trace his own hand wasn’t great and when it came to painting he wanted me to do the part directly around the hand so that it wouldn’t get damaged. For the background paint the lesson has you mixing two primary colors to make a secondary color. Instead Mr. Bluesky chose black for the background. Once the painting for the lesson was done, he spent the next hour or so making different monster paintings and he was mixing colors for those.

Primary Hands
Primary Hands

He LOVED the lesson! I mean jumping up and down and shouting LOVED it! Can’t wait to do the next one. It was so nice to hear and I was so relieved that it was something he will enjoy and learn from (and not money down the drain!).


Kindergarten Plans

Sigh, not a single post last school year. I’m going to try to blog our Kindergarten year but no promises, this is not something that comes easy to me.

So last school year was our last preschool year. I started out the year with grand plans and they kind of fizzled. Not that learning didn’t happen, or even planned learning didn’t happen, there just wasn’t as much structured book work as I had thought. Mr. Blue Sky just wasn’t ready for it.

I’m hoping that he is more willing to work on stuff this year. I have a what seems to be an unbelievable amount of stuff planned but I’m not planning on getting to everything every day or even every week. I just want to have a lot of options to bring in to our days and keep it interesting.

This post is just going to be a quick overview of what we’re thinking of using.

For Language Arts:
Ready2Read by the Moffat Girls
Progressive Phonics
Handwriting Without Tears
Poetry Teatimes

Right Start Math

Young Scientist Kits 
A few other companies kits for different subjects.
Unit studies based on themes he is interested in or we’re doing for our scout group.

Different art/craft projects found online.
Sketch Tuesday
SQUILT Music studies.
Home Art Studio

Every few weeks I am doing a unit based on a different country. We’ll learn a little (this is Kindergarten) about the country, geography, people, animals. I’m mainly focusing on famous artists from that country, because art is Mr. Bluesky’s thing. So for Germany we’ll be learning about Paul Klee and listening to Bach. And then to add some fun and because I like to cook we’ll be eating something related to the country. So for Germany we’ll be having pretzels. For this study I am using Expedition Earth as a framework, leaving out the religious materials and we are visiting a variety of countries that she didn’t cover. So, mainly I’m using her passport. 🙂

In the spring I am hoping to start Story of the World: Ancients. I am planning for it to take about a year and a half.

Lollipop Logic
First Time Analogies
Dr. DooRiddles
Math & Literacy Packets from the Moffat Girls
Variety of printouts/unit studies/ activities from Teachers pay Teachers or found online.
Unit Studies created by me around a theme, I often use my Pinterest to plan these.
I’m looking at adding Speekee Fast Track, a Spanish program, next month. I’ll at least do a trial month of it.

So, that’s my plan for this year. On one hand I feel like I’m missing so much stuff and on the other hand I think I have WAY too much stuff planned. We’ll see how it goes. As always our school year starts on the Autumnal Equinox, so next Tuesday is our first day!

Thanks for stopping by.