Paint Brushes

Earlier in the month MBS painted using brushes for the first time. He was so excited! It was very messy, thankfully the shirt he was wearing was already stained. He painted the paper so much it was falling apart so I didn’t end up saving it but he had fun in the process. He actually got real chatty while painting, not much I could understand, but he sure was talking about what he was doing.

At first he was holding a paintbrush in each hand and then he switched to holding both in the same hand. Next time I think I will only give him one brush and one color paint.

(Yay me! I got the video to work!!!!)


This month I was able to use two 40% off coupons at Michael’s Craft Store. I used one on a new puzzle for MBS and the other on a set of Do-A-Dot markers. MBS has been loving using these markers, though he tends to overly bang them down and also soak the paper. I like that so far he can’t open the cap on his own, so no worries of finding him using them when I wasn’t planning on them being out.

MBS liked helping to shake them.

Shaking the new marker.

He liked trying to get in the circle.

Working on the letter O.

And he liked painting his face with them.

What Momma?

Unfortunately Do-A-Dot markers are NOT as easily washed off as Crayola’s Washable Markers. It’s mostly cleaned up but you can still see faint “smudges” where the marker was. All in all they seem like a great product but need supervision if your child is the kind to paint their face (or anything other than the paper).