Thought I’d do a tour of our schoolroom. Also known as my office, our craft/sewing/art area, and oh yeah, the dining room.

Looking into the dining room from our living room/front door you are greeted by shelves bursting with art supplies, homeschooling materials, and a hodgepodge of other stuff. My desk is in the far corner.

Overloaded shelves.
Overloaded shelves.

Slight angle shift and you see our dining room table, a bookshelf that holds art supplies Mr. Bluesky can access whenever he wants, and our ever growing board game collection.

On our sliding glass door curtain rod is the word AWESOME! It is our theme for the year, it’s going to be awesome!


On the half wall that separates the dining room from the living room we have a cubby unit. This holds school supplies and toys. I plan on putting Mr. Bluesky’s schoolwork on top each day. Above it I have a board with clothespins to pin art and school work to display.

Our cubby shelf unit.

One more day to get everything ready!

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