First Week Wrap-up

Our first week of Kindergarten is over and we both survived it! I think it’s going to take a while before we get a good routine going and we both need to work on our attitudes. 🙂

Our first day of school was good and bad. We actually got through everything I had planned except our Poetry Tea.

2014-09-23 15.15.01-1
Kindergarten School Photo

Lorax day, we read the book, watched the old animated movie, and then after dinner he watched the newer movie. “I speak for the trees!” was stuck in my brain and interrupted my sleep that night! We did our first science kit, making some little piles of compost and making recycled paper.

“Ewwwww, that is so gross!” “No, I am not touching that!” “It looks like sludge! Gross!”

Mr. Bluesky was NOT impressed with making recycled paper.

Pretending the pen is a shark.
Pretending the pen is a shark.

Wednesday was the day I realized that I had to put an end time to our school day. That if after a certain time stuff isn’t done it’s just not getting done. We’re not going to drag it out into the late afternoon and make ourselves miserable. Mr. Bluesky was complaining that doing school takes time away from his playing but everything takes SOOOOO LOOOONNNNGGGGG because he has to be goofy with every single thing. Like pretending the pen is a shark attacking. Silly boy.

Thursday morning was our emotional explosion. After doing some crying and talking we both worked hard to make the rest of the day go well. We had a blast painting with bubble wrap for a project that hopefully we’ll finish over the weekend. We finished off our day playing Zombie Dice.

Bubble wrap corn.
Bubble wrap corn.

Our first Field Trip! I’m part of a local homeschool group that is going to do field trips and other activities together. This was our first one, going to a local Cider Mill. But it was raining in the morning and everyone else, except the family who gave us a ride, cancelled. We still had fun even though it was a very small group. 🙂 We had been to the Cider Mill many times before but it was still fun walking around feeding the animals and getting tasty treats. Mr. Bluesky is still afraid of the goats but I had fun feeding them.


I insanely had school work planned for both before and after the field trip. Now I know better. No way will anything get done before a field trip, I’m too busy running around making sure we have everything ready. And it is highly unlikely that we’ll get stuff done after we get home, Mr. Bluesky is too amped up to do anything but run around and play and, honestly, I am too drained to do anything.

This morning actually was our best in terms of flow. I didn’t do a play break after the first 2 activities like I had other days. Instead we just did everything I had planned for the morning all in one fell swoop. I didn’t have any after lunch school plans because we are walking over to Grandma and Grandpa’s and playing with the cousins that are visiting!

I’m undecided about whether to leave out that morning play break or not. Adding in the break really drags out the day and he’s always much more reluctant to come back to the table. I guess I will figure out what schedule works for us as we go along.

Wow, we finished our first week! It was exhausting and terrible and energizing and wonderful! What worked for us? RightStart Math 2nd edition Level A. He likes doing the lessons and singing the song. He gets totally goofy and overexcited but settles down and is working too.

He is loving WriteShop Primary Book A. He is NOT a reluctant writer (as in dictation, he doesn’t actually write yet) or storyteller, so the lessons so far are very easy for him and he is adding in extra sentences to every lesson. But he is really enjoying the lessons and having fun with them.

What isn’t working? Reading lessons. This is NOT a fault of what we are using. He just really has a hard time with reading and it makes him very stressed. This article by Brave Writer creator Julie Bogart was very timely and I need, need, NEED to keep it in my mind as we work.

Take Pain Seriously

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Weekly Wrap-Up


First Day

I am all worn out. I admit it. Not sure if it was just first day jitters or what but I am just completely done in this evening.

Our first day went pretty well. Morning went very smoothly. He enjoyed being interviewed and really enjoyed the WriteShop lesson. In fact he enjoyed it so much we went off script and wrote more. 🙂

Kindergarten Interview
Kindergarten Interview (his self portrait is him wearing a red cape).

After a long break of playing in the backyard (him) we moved on to math. During our Right Start Math lesson he was super excited and being totally goofy and it was really hard to bring him back to the lesson and focus, but he was happy. Then we had a break for Nerds, his favorite part of the day!

Eating Nerds!
Eating Nerds!

Next thing on the schedule was a math printout that had 10 Frames (not Right Start). It was super easy for him but it was the first time he’s seen 10 Frames and I think the newness of it stressed him and he just lost it. Total fit. Took a break and came back to it later and quickly got through the rest of the page and then on to a game of Hi Ho Cherrio and all was good.

After lunch we went for a walk to our local park and played, then met up with Grandma and Grandpa and they came home with us to enjoy the Blueberry Corn muffins I’d made. After their visit I had planned to have our Poetry Tea but we were just both DONE by then and decided school was over for the day.

Edited to add: I meant to add how long our school day was. It went from morning until afternoon but that includes so many breaks to do other things. I tried to keep track of how much time we were actually on task. So I am removing the  nearly 40 minutes he was eating Nerds and doing math worksheets and then having a total meltdown– cause we definitely weren’t on task during that time. So removing that time the rest of our school time, just school work, not the video during lunch, not the walk, not the photo shoot, just actual sit down work, it took us a whole hour and thirteen minutes! Maybe I shouldn’t remove that time, maybe everyday is going to have dawdling and some meltdown. Even with it the school time would be one hour  fifty minutes. Which is still in the range I was aiming for, an hour or two.


Thought I’d do a tour of our schoolroom. Also known as my office, our craft/sewing/art area, and oh yeah, the dining room.

Looking into the dining room from our living room/front door you are greeted by shelves bursting with art supplies, homeschooling materials, and a hodgepodge of other stuff. My desk is in the far corner.

Overloaded shelves.
Overloaded shelves.

Slight angle shift and you see our dining room table, a bookshelf that holds art supplies Mr. Bluesky can access whenever he wants, and our ever growing board game collection.

On our sliding glass door curtain rod is the word AWESOME! It is our theme for the year, it’s going to be awesome!


On the half wall that separates the dining room from the living room we have a cubby unit. This holds school supplies and toys. I plan on putting Mr. Bluesky’s schoolwork on top each day. Above it I have a board with clothespins to pin art and school work to display.

Our cubby shelf unit.

One more day to get everything ready!

Kindergarten Plans

Sigh, not a single post last school year. I’m going to try to blog our Kindergarten year but no promises, this is not something that comes easy to me.

So last school year was our last preschool year. I started out the year with grand plans and they kind of fizzled. Not that learning didn’t happen, or even planned learning didn’t happen, there just wasn’t as much structured book work as I had thought. Mr. Blue Sky just wasn’t ready for it.

I’m hoping that he is more willing to work on stuff this year. I have a what seems to be an unbelievable amount of stuff planned but I’m not planning on getting to everything every day or even every week. I just want to have a lot of options to bring in to our days and keep it interesting.

This post is just going to be a quick overview of what we’re thinking of using.

For Language Arts:
Ready2Read by the Moffat Girls
Progressive Phonics
Handwriting Without Tears
Poetry Teatimes

Right Start Math

Young Scientist Kits 
A few other companies kits for different subjects.
Unit studies based on themes he is interested in or we’re doing for our scout group.

Different art/craft projects found online.
Sketch Tuesday
SQUILT Music studies.
Home Art Studio

Every few weeks I am doing a unit based on a different country. We’ll learn a little (this is Kindergarten) about the country, geography, people, animals. I’m mainly focusing on famous artists from that country, because art is Mr. Bluesky’s thing. So for Germany we’ll be learning about Paul Klee and listening to Bach. And then to add some fun and because I like to cook we’ll be eating something related to the country. So for Germany we’ll be having pretzels. For this study I am using Expedition Earth as a framework, leaving out the religious materials and we are visiting a variety of countries that she didn’t cover. So, mainly I’m using her passport. 🙂

In the spring I am hoping to start Story of the World: Ancients. I am planning for it to take about a year and a half.

Lollipop Logic
First Time Analogies
Dr. DooRiddles
Math & Literacy Packets from the Moffat Girls
Variety of printouts/unit studies/ activities from Teachers pay Teachers or found online.
Unit Studies created by me around a theme, I often use my Pinterest to plan these.
I’m looking at adding Speekee Fast Track, a Spanish program, next month. I’ll at least do a trial month of it.

So, that’s my plan for this year. On one hand I feel like I’m missing so much stuff and on the other hand I think I have WAY too much stuff planned. We’ll see how it goes. As always our school year starts on the Autumnal Equinox, so next Tuesday is our first day!

Thanks for stopping by.