Spooky Crafts

We spent some time today making some Halloween crafts. We made puffy pumpkins that I saw on I Can Teach My Child and started (the paint needs to dry before we can finish) some hanging spiders I found on Let’s Explore. MBS had so much fun doing these, he always loves painting but this is the first time he’s really shown interest in lacing. We had a funny moment when I said that we would hang some here but the rest we’d mail off to relatives, and MBS– who usually LOVES to send things to people– freaked and screamed, “Nooooo! They’re MINE!!!!!!”

Adding the fiberfill really fascinated MBS. We talked about what it was used for and then he went around testing different stuffed animals to see if they were filled with fiber fill or little pellets.

I can’t wait for the paint to dry on our spiders so we can finish them!

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