Creepy Carrots!

MBS just loved this book!

Creepy Carrots written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown.

It really was just a hit with him. The story is about a carrot loving rabbit who starts seeing “creepy carrots” everywhere. While it is a “scary” book it didn’t scare my almost 4 year old and it has a wonderful twist at the end.

I decided since MBS loved this book so much we should do a craft to go along with it. I had all the supplies ready for him when he woke up one morning, he was thrilled! (3 cheers for prepared Mommy!)


  • Orange foam sheets, I pre-cut carrot shapes and stalks but an older child could do this on their own.
  • Foam glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Orange pom poms
  • Marker to draw mouths
Oh, that glue was hard to squeeze!
Smile carrots!
Beware… the creepy carrots!

Just be warned, not only are they creepy and may show up anywhere around the house they also…

make nice swords!

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Blueberries for Sal {BFIAR}

We “rowed” our first book, Blueberries for Sal by Robert McClosky. I have to say that this is not one of my favorite books, the mom not paying attention to where her daughter was drove this overprotective Mommy nuts! However it didn’t bother MBS at all. We read a lot of other berry books as rowed, our favorites being One Little Blueberry by Tammy Salzano a cute counting book and Blackberry Banquet by Terry Pierce which was amusing and had wonderful illustrations.

We read a lot of books.
MBS photobomb.

We started off our “B” week with a hike around a beaver pond where we didn’t see any beavers but we did have an adventure having to cross a creek without a bridge.

Ryan and MBS crossing the creek.

They braved the logs, I knew my own klutziness and took off my shoes and waded across. We had a fun hike and a yummy picnic lunch, and saw bugs, birds, and squirrels.

I wanted our first “row” to be memorable and fun so I had ordered a baby and momma bear to add to MBS plastic animal collection. He was so surprised when he got out of his bath and found a present waiting for him. He spent another hour wrapping up toys and giving them to me as gifts– too cute.

“It’s a bear!”

One afternoon, fed up Mommy decided to clean up disaster that was MBS’s room. As I cleaned and organized with MBS’s “help” I set down a Baby Blanket and we found things that started with B and put it on the blanket. This was a very Mommy activity, MBS isn’t really there yet but we talked about why some things qualified to go on the blanket and why others didn’t and we got the room clean!

B: Blue dog, Beach ball, ball, box, bag, Barbie, books, beaver, bird, bear, bunny, bandana, Blue, bowl, butterfly, beads, block, and Bazinga (the sock monkey).

And I can’t be the only Mom out there who wants photographic proof that their kids rooms are clean sometimes. 🙂

Clean! For at least 12 hours. 🙁

We used blue pom poms and a small pail to “pick” berries and feed them to our bears, we used the printout pail (from Homeschool Creations) to count blueberries and match them to the printout number. MBS is finally able to use the little tongs to pick up and move things so he spent a long time putting blueberries (aka pom poms) in and out of ice cube trays. We also played with our little plastic bear with the directional word book and then later MBS glued the pictures of little bear in the right spot. One of my plans was to potato stamp blueberries and make baskets over them like I saw on Little Page Turners but when I saw the pom pom painting on Delightful Learning I was sure MBS would rather do that (he LOVES pom poms!) so I asked and he said, “pom poms!” Another activity I had planned was to make mini blueberry pies and I was really getting down on myself when I finally decided to just LET IT GO, MBS wouldn’t eat them– he prefers to just eat the frozen berries plain so why was I doing this to myself. We did eat the frozen blueberries, fresh black berries that we picked on our property, and had yummy blueberry pomegranate juice. MBS favorite activities have been drawing, cutting, and gluing stuff– he’s really on a creative kick right now.

We’re sticking with bears for at least another week as we’re on to a study of hibernation. I’m linking up to Preschool Corner, the Weekly Wrap-Up and the Before Five in a Row list, please visit them for more ideas. Thanks for stopping by.
Delightful Learning


We finished up our spiders. MBS had fun doing this craft with my help. He has had even more fun playing with the finished spiders.  The ones with googly eyes are his favorites.


B is for Beaver, aka McLane Creek Hike

On one of Ryan’s day off we went for a hike and picnic at the McLane Creek Nature Trail. The trail skirts around a beaver pond. Sadly we didn’t see any beavers but we still had fun. We had a bit of adventure as we obviously missed a turn and while we were always on a trail, it was a not kept up trail, and to get back to the right part we had to pass over (the guys) or wade thru the creek (me).

Spooky Crafts

We spent some time today making some Halloween crafts. We made puffy pumpkins that I saw on I Can Teach My Child and started (the paint needs to dry before we can finish) some hanging spiders I found on Let’s Explore. MBS had so much fun doing these, he always loves painting but this is the first time he’s really shown interest in lacing. We had a funny moment when I said that we would hang some here but the rest we’d mail off to relatives, and MBS– who usually LOVES to send things to people– freaked and screamed, “Nooooo! They’re MINE!!!!!!”

Adding the fiberfill really fascinated MBS. We talked about what it was used for and then he went around testing different stuffed animals to see if they were filled with fiber fill or little pellets.

I can’t wait for the paint to dry on our spiders so we can finish them!

A is for Apple, Again

We had a pretty good first week focusing on apples and the letter A. I followed MBS’s lead, encouraging but not pushing. He didn’t want to do any of the line or letter tracing activities, and he wasn’t too enthused about the counting activities but did do a few with me. I was impressed with how well he did on the size sorting, pattern finishing, and shape matching activities– though he got completely goofy while doing them.

MBS’s favorite activity all week long was cutting and gluing, while doing an “A” craft with me or making his own “creatures”, and I think my favorite part was when we went on a hike at Tolmie State Park on Ryan’s day off. We also ate apples, drank apple juice, made an apple dessert (which he wouldn’t eat), and picked apples in our orchard.

I believe all of the printouts we used this week were from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We did an apple paper plate craft that I’ve seen lots of places, made an Apatosaurus out of a paper plate, made an apple tree, and stacked 10 Apples on Top.

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