Rogue Chicken

We were out berry picking when I noticed we were being followed. It was “Rogue Chicken!” One of our hens has decided she doesn’t like living in the coop any more so she has gone rogue. We caught her and put her back with the others but since we let them out to roam our property she just took off again. The only way to stop it would be to trim her wings and keep everyone confined to the coop and chicken yard– but we like our hens to be able to run free (in our completely fenced property) during the day.

I really liked how the photos caught MBS checking to make sure Rogue Chicken is following him. Ha ha, I accidentally typed Rouge Chicken at first and, hey, that works too, she is a Rhode Island Red.

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Scissor Practice

Mr. Blue Sky had fun using his new scissors. He just wants to cut and cut and cut. I’d tried regular beginner scissors with him before but he couldn’t use them one handed. With these ones he really can cut!


I also decided to let him use a roll of tape, that was fun but frustrating for him. And he “earned” a sheet of stickers by picking up after himself– a few times of rewards and he’s really gotten back into doing it on his own without much fuss (mostly– still the occasional meltdown). He’s been making all sorts of monsters and creatures, cut up and taped or stapled together— really being creative and having a blast!


New School Year

Wow, last school year I managed a whopping 3 posts! Lets hope I can be a better blogger this year, not necessarily for blog readers but so I can keep a record of how our school year was.

Mr. Blue Sky is now 3 years 8 months old. He knows most of the alphabet letters but not the the sounds, he REFUSES to sing the alphabet song– just not his thing, finally knows most colors (last year everything was “green”), doesn’t count well– right now every number is “6”, he’s really good with shapes, and is a wiz with the iPad!

I still feel that what he really needs at this age is time to play so our “school” will remain pretty casual. Things I want to work on this year:

  • Potty training, please, please, please let him become interested in using the potty chair. I am so sick of diapers!
  • Picking up after himself. He actually used to be better about this but right now he seems to be going through a defiant stage– right now he has out his Legos, Duplos, and trains– even though he’s only supposed to get one out at a time. Plus he has dumped his drawing and music drawer’s contents on the floor (just for the heck of it!). Sigh.
  • Temper, temper. This is for all of us. Sadly we all have bad tempers and need to work on them.
  • Counting, number recognition, grouping, and sorting.
  • Beginning reading, reading readiness–I don’t want to push so I’ll follow his lead. HE really wants to read but on the flip side still doesn’t want to sit and practice letter sounds. I think later in the school year he’ll be more ready.

For our language studies this year we will be doing Letter of the Week activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler, rowing books with Before Five in a Row, and doing thematic units that I make on my own (or scrounge from the web). I had been doing a 5 a day book program and MBS really liked it. I need to get back to doing it but I thing I’ll lower the amount, especially on BFIAR weeks since I’ll already be rereading a book those weeks.

For math I’ve gotten some bug counters and pattern blocks. So far he loves just playing with the bugs– not doing any of MY suggested activities– but he does enjoy doing the pattern block picture cards. I’m hoping to get a bucket scale, geoboards, and cuisenaire rods later in the year.Oh, and don’t forget just learning by playing games. He loves to play chutes and ladders!

For science we’ll continue reading non-fiction books, watching nature movies, and I hope to do a lot of nature walks. He loves reading about animals, digging in the dirt, collecting rocks and pine cones.

Art– he draws all the time. What I need to do is get out the paint and messier projects more often. He loves them, I just cringe about the mess.

I’ve got more ideas and plans for the year but my brain has stopped working so it’s time to stop blogging.