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Mr. Blue Sky is 33 months old.

We started off our new school year on the autumnal equinox, September 23rd, which was a Friday this year, so already our first week was going to be more than a week. Then we kind of dragged out the books and activities so we ended up spending much longer on A than I had meant. As mentioned in a previous post on our first day we made an alphabet apple tree and MBS matched up his magnetic alphabet letters to the apples and we walked in our orchard and picked some apples.

We read books about apples and about Johnny Appleseed (his birthday is Sep. 26th). I also had 2 videos about Johnny Appleseed from the library, one a live action  was a huge flop with MBS, but the Disney’s Johnny Appleseed cartoon (on The Reluctant Dragon dvd) was a hit. He also liked all the other cartoons on that dvd.

All the books I had out about Johnny Appleseed were not well received, not that the books were bad, just that they were a little too wordy for MBS. Of the apple books we had out MBS’s favorites were the Little Apple Goat by Caroline Jayne Church and Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray.

MBS colored pictures of things that started with A and then he glued them on to a sheet of paper. We actually colored many more things than got glued down onto our A (he glued the extras on scrap paper), next time I’ll print out smaller pictures! I did the cutting but MBS used a glue stick for the first time.


A is for...

MBS is very imaginative and it is so much fun watching him play and make up stories. One day he came running to get me and dragged me into his room to show me that he was “feeding” his stuffed animals. He had gotten out our craft sticks and piled them for the animals to eat.

Feeding the animals.

He LOVES to play with our iPads!

MBS LOVES the iPad!

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