Not Such a Little Guy Anymore

No, not talking about MBS. Our pup Worf isn’t such a little puppy anymore. He’s almost 6 months old and dwarfs our other dogs.

Not chewing on all these tempting stuffies! Good Dog Worf!

He’s turned out to be a wonderful dog for MBS, and MBS makes sure everyone knows that Worf is “his” dog. They truly love each other. Worf is still a pup but he’s housebroken, only chews on his toys (and has learned to leave MBS toys alone!), and just has a wonderful temperament. He gets along with our older dogs, though he definitely gets on their nerves with his puppy energy and enthusiasm. He does dig holes all over the yard, uses his tail as a weapon, and needs a lot of training but all in all he’s turned out to be a good dog.

New School Year!

When I was a kid I remember that school started the week after Labor Day weekend. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, but I like the idea of knowing when school would start up again. We plan on homeschooling year round, with breaks as we need them but for records we need a school year start and end time. We decided to set our school start date as the autumnal equinox, I like that our homeschool goes with the seasons. It just feels right to me.

As I’ve said before I’m not big on much “school” at this age. I feel that play is what Mister Blue Sky should be doing. The school work we are doing is more for me, to keep me focused and force me to introduce him to new books and activities instead of just getting, well, lazy, and doing nothing. There’s being a relaxed homeschooler and then there is just being relaxed.

Our theme this first couple of weeks is A is for apple and celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s birthday (September 26th). Today we made an alphabet apple tree and then MBS matched his magnet letters to the apples. He had fun helping me draw the tree and really seemed to enjoy matching the letters.

Alphabet Apple Tree

After that we walked up into our orchard and picked some apples and berries.

I got the apple!

I had planned on us doing some painting after lunch but I got stung by a yellow jacket so we took the afternoon off. Looking forward to a new school year with MBS.