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I enjoyed this article about preschool. I do find it odd that so many parents feel the need to send their kids to preschool. Not that they want to send their kids to preschool for some reason, I can understand wanting to give your toddler more time with other kids and totally understand Mommy wanting a break from all toddler all the time. What I don’t understand is that some parents feel that they need to send their child to preschool, as if their toddler will be ruined if they miss this opportunity. It makes me feel sad that so many parents feel that they aren’t capable of providing the education, especially preschool education, that their children need. (The parents that don’t want to homeschool is a completely different subject.) At this age most of what a child needs to do is PLAY, and be read to, and talked to.

Not that I don’t have doubts about myself as a teacher (especially when MBS is insisting that everything is green!), I think that it is  completely normal to question your abilities, but I truly believe at the preschool age most of what your child needs is your time and attention. And possibly your being tough and saying no to the question of  “watch Toy Story?” and your letting go of the thought of the huge mess and saying yes to the request to paint.

So today we’ve turned the tv off (after one episode of Thomas) and we’ve got the paint out. MBS is having fun painting (and splashing the water everywhere!) and calling every color green.

Painting in pajamas.
Switched from using the brush to his fingers. So much fun!

Why homeschool preschool? Cause I don’t want to miss one bit of this adventure!

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