Toddlers and Death

We had a chicken massacre on our little farm this week, the neighbors dogs dug under the fence and killed 5 of our 7 chickens. Mister Blue Sky was with me as we searched for chickens and saw one of the corpses. He really cares for our chickens, wants to feed them and pet them, but he didn’t even seem to care about the dead chicken. It was like he didn’t see the body as one of the chickens. He didn’t try to pet it or ask why it wasn’t moving, nothing. Okay, not totally nothing— he thought all the feathers on the ground were neat and wanted to collect them all.

He’ll be 28 months on Sunday, is this a normal reaction at this age? He did catch on that I was upset (crying hysterically while talking on the phone with my dh) but he just didn’t seem to understand why. I thought about putting some picture books that deal with death on hold at the library but if he truly doesn’t get it at this age maybe that’s for the best and I shouldn’t dwell on it with him.

Mister Blue Sky and some of our chickens.


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