Art for Rabbits

Last weekend (before our chicken massacre) we went to the feed store for supplies and as we walked in I saw the rabbits and asked if MBS had already done his Mother’s Day shopping? He hadn’t so I asked if instead of the dehydrator I had asked for if we could get rabbits? Ryan and MBS were agreeable to that so we severely overloaded our VW Bug with not only all our chicken food and bedding but also a large bag of rabbit pellets and a bale of alfalfa– oh, and 3 rabbits. Until we get a hutch built outside they are living in a dog crate (now wrapped in chicken wire– they fit through the bars!) in our living room. While messy, that is actually good because it is giving us a better chance to get to know them and make them more tame. They are amazingly tolerant of MBS’s enthusiasm.

Drawing a picture for the bunnies.
Showing them the picture he drew.
Watching rabbits is exhausting (we didn't take them out the first day).
Sadly this is the best photo of the bunnies I have so far.

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