Tot School This and That

Tot School

Mister Blue Sky is 26 months old.

Wow, my last Tot School post was at the end of January! I am so bad about keeping up with these posts! What have we been doing?

We’ve been

playing with our trains,
painting with brushes,
playing with Valentine's Day play dough,
and St. Patrick's Day play dough,
ate snow for the first time,
colored a dinosaur alphabet book,

and much, much more. MBS is really becoming a talker, learning new words all the time– it’s so exciting! He’s also learning his letters, both the names and the sounds. He’ll now repeat the alphabet letter by letter as you say it (not really singing the song) and has started counting but still mixes the numbers up a lot.

While trains and cars still hold his heart he has also become fascinated with dinosaurs, we’ve watched the BBC series Walking With Dinosaurs over and over (when it stops he asks “more dino?”). We’ve also watched other related BBCร‚ย  and National Geographic productions (on Netflix’s video on demand) but MBS definitely prefers the Walking With Dinosaurs. We’ve also read a lot of dinosaur books but he doesn’t seem to enjoy the non-fiction encyclopedia type books that much yet.

Emotionally he is becoming much more loving, wanting to give hugs and kisses, concerned when someone else is hurt (kisses owies), sad if he didn’t get to say bye-bye to Daddy. Temperamentally he still throws lots of tantrums if he doesn’t get his way, if something is frustrating him, etc… but he also gets over them quickly.

My attempt to label the drawers in our office/craft room has really helped keep him from emptying out all my office supplies. He still gets into them occasionally but I can usually just ask him if that is “his drawer or Mommy’s drawer?” and he’ll close it and open one of his drawers instead. Yippee! So glad that worked!

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5 Replies to “Tot School This and That”

  1. Your pictures are so cute! Where did you find the dinosaur coloring book? My daughter would love that! Also another great show for them is Dinosaur Train-it’s on PBS. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great day!

      1. I haven’t done sesame street, or any of those other ones. We just do Dinosaur train, and sometimes word world.

        Thanks for the link for the book! ๐Ÿ™‚

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