Put Me in the Zoo

Ryan and Mister Blue Sky reading.

MBS loves to be read to and the other night he brought this book over to Ryan. Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire is the first book I was able to read all by myself when I was little!

It’s about a leopard who wants to live in the zoo but the zookeepers don’t want him. He tries to convince some children that the zoo is the place he belongs by showing them the wonderful tricks he can do with his spots. I still love the story and am so happy that MBS loves it too!

The next day MBS and I read the sequel I Want to Be Someone New

In this book Spot is back and now he’s tired of being in the circus and wants to change himself. I like the ending idea that the best thing is to be yourself but on the way as he changes into an elephant, giraffe, and mouse he’s told that being fat, tall, and small are all bad things. It just strikes a negative tone that I don’t care for.

After reading the books I printed out a coloring sheet that features a Spot like leopard and MBS had fun drawing.

Happy boy!
Z is for Zoo

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