Spring Planting…

with no actual planting due to rain, rain, and more rain!

We are planning a garden in our yard and while I know that Mr. Blue Sky will love to help out with it I thought he’d also enjoy having his own little planter boxes. So two of our Earthboxes, leftover from our apartment years, are going to be his own little garden area. In one we will be planting some seeds, (lettuce, kale, radishes) but I also wanted him to have some instant gratification so we bought 4 strawberry plants (two different varieties) and 2 mint plants. The plan was to get everything planted so I’d have photos for this post but it has been pouring down rain for days so the little plants are just sitting  outside waiting for sunshine (or if not sunshine at least no rain).

rain, rain go away

We’ll be putting the planters on our side patio. I don’t have any recent photos because of the rain but it looks pretty much the same as this, though MBS is older now (nearly 27 months!) and there is a fence along the end to keep the dogs and chickens off the patio.

So wobbly on his feet back then!

MBS had fun walking around the garden department choosing plants. Okay, so actually he had fun racing around playing chase while I did the actual plant picking, he is only 2. I chose strawberries because he just LOVES them so I knew they would be something he’d enjoy growing and harvesting.

To celebrate spring and start our garden project we read a few books.

garden books

It’s Spring by Samantha Berger and Pamela Chanko & illustrated by Melissa Sweet is one of my favorite books. It has lyrical text and charming illustrations. It isn’t a non-fiction book teaching you anything about the change in seasons but a cheerful poem welcoming the spring.

My First Garden by Wendy Lewison & illustrated by Miki Sakamoto is a cute little book about a young girl and her mother planting a garden and then harvesting the vegetables. The book is shaped like a basket and as they harvest the different plants the basket gets filled up. They harvest a “big GREEN cabbage!” and “pretty PURPLE turnips” etc… making this a nice book to talk about colors. Plus my toddler just likes carrying it around by the basket handle!

Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown is sadly out of print. This wonderful counting book is about a little boy planting 10 sunflower seeds. One by one the seeds get eaten, some make it to seedlings, and to plants, but in the end all that is left is one sunflower and the boy harvests 10 seeds. The illustrations are fantastic, showing the seeds sprouting and sending their roots into the ground, becoming a beautiful sunflower, but being from the Pacific Northwest my favorite illustration is the slug eating the seedling.

To go along with our garden project we are making some flowers out of an egg carton. So far we’ve only gotten the painting done but I’m hoping to finish them this weekend. MBS loves painting and had a blast with this craft.

Painting is serious work

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Garden Challenge

The Homeschool Village is going to be hosting a Garden Challenge starting March 31st and going until June 30th.

For the challenge you must post 4 times (on March 31st, April 28st, May 26th, and June 30th) sharing a photo of your garden (or potted plants), how it’s going, what lessons and resources you are using, and how your homeschooler is participating.

I’m not sure how much Mr. Blue Sky will be involved in our garden or what resources I’d use, and I’m terrible about posting on a schedule, but the idea interests me so I’ve decided to sign up.

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Tot School This and That

Tot School

Mister Blue Sky is 26 months old.

Wow, my last Tot School post was at the end of January! I am so bad about keeping up with these posts! What have we been doing?

We’ve been

playing with our trains,
painting with brushes,
playing with Valentine's Day play dough,
and St. Patrick's Day play dough,
ate snow for the first time,
colored a dinosaur alphabet book,

and much, much more. MBS is really becoming a talker, learning new words all the time– it’s so exciting! He’s also learning his letters, both the names and the sounds. He’ll now repeat the alphabet letter by letter as you say it (not really singing the song) and has started counting but still mixes the numbers up a lot.

While trains and cars still hold his heart he has also become fascinated with dinosaurs, we’ve watched the BBC series Walking With Dinosaurs over and over (when it stops he asks “more dino?”). We’ve also watched other related BBC  and National Geographic productions (on Netflix’s video on demand) but MBS definitely prefers the Walking With Dinosaurs. We’ve also read a lot of dinosaur books but he doesn’t seem to enjoy the non-fiction encyclopedia type books that much yet.

Emotionally he is becoming much more loving, wanting to give hugs and kisses, concerned when someone else is hurt (kisses owies), sad if he didn’t get to say bye-bye to Daddy. Temperamentally he still throws lots of tantrums if he doesn’t get his way, if something is frustrating him, etc… but he also gets over them quickly.

My attempt to label the drawers in our office/craft room has really helped keep him from emptying out all my office supplies. He still gets into them occasionally but I can usually just ask him if that is “his drawer or Mommy’s drawer?” and he’ll close it and open one of his drawers instead. Yippee! So glad that worked!

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Put Me in the Zoo

Ryan and Mister Blue Sky reading.

MBS loves to be read to and the other night he brought this book over to Ryan. Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire is the first book I was able to read all by myself when I was little!

It’s about a leopard who wants to live in the zoo but the zookeepers don’t want him. He tries to convince some children that the zoo is the place he belongs by showing them the wonderful tricks he can do with his spots. I still love the story and am so happy that MBS loves it too!

The next day MBS and I read the sequel I Want to Be Someone New

In this book Spot is back and now he’s tired of being in the circus and wants to change himself. I like the ending idea that the best thing is to be yourself but on the way as he changes into an elephant, giraffe, and mouse he’s told that being fat, tall, and small are all bad things. It just strikes a negative tone that I don’t care for.

After reading the books I printed out a coloring sheet that features a Spot like leopard and MBS had fun drawing.

Happy boy!
Z is for Zoo

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Happy Pi Day!

I didn’t plan my menu quite right to have a pie on pi day– there’s a roast cooking in the oven all day. Oh well, we’ll have pie later this week. Hope everyone is celebrating the wonders of math today!

edited: Phooey, the video has been removed. Hopefully it is a temporary thing. The musician who created the Pi Symphony (Lars Erickson) is claiming a copyright violation but the music doesn’t sound the same to me and the idea of putting numbers to music isn’t exactly original to either artist. Oh well, I much prefer Michael Jon Blake’s Pi song.