Trying a New Thing

My office/craft room is open to our living room. It used to be closed off with a gate but MBS conquered the gate so we removed it. This meant he has access to all my office and craft supplies, all of which are kept in plastic rolling drawers— no locks. I did learn to lock my computer so that he didn’t post on Facebook as me or delete what I was working on, but I haven’t found a way to keep him out of the drawers. It’s not so much that he gets in them and grabs stuff it’s that he completely empties all of them. Paper, pens, cards, EVERYTHING, all over the office floor. Over and over again. It has made life frustrating to say the least.

So tonight I printed out labels, some with a Thomas the train and some with Hello Kitty. I’m going to laminate them and then use velcro dots to attach them to the drawers, Thomas means the drawer is for MBS, Hello Kitty drawers are Mom’s. I’m hoping that the visual symbol will help remind him to stay out of the drawers. Fingers crossed.

How do you keep toddlers from getting into stuff? Not necessarily office supplies but any stuff, pulling the dvd’s off the shelf, emptying the clothes out of the dresser, etc… What are your parenting tips for this frustrated Mom?

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