Ten on the Sled

We’ve had Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman and illustrated by Liza Woodruff checked out from the library for the maximum amount of time so I figured I’d better hurry and get a post written about it before it’s overdue. (It’s bad when your husband is the manager of the library and brings home your holds, returns your books for you, and still you manage to get overdue fee’s!)

Ten on the Sled is a countdown book with nicely rhyming text and adorable illustrations. The book starts with just one on the sled but then all ten animals climb on and they go sledding down the mountain. As they race downhill the animals leave the sled one by one.

There were nine on the sled
and the caribou said,
“It’s snowing! Get going!”
So they all got going,

but Hare hopped out.

I’ve really enjoyed reading this to MBS. The text flows wonderfully and has a great vocabulary but it’s really the illustrations that put it over the top. Of course, one big bonus for me is that this book has a sled full of arctic animals and NO PENGUINS! One of my pet peeves are penguins and polar bears together— they do not live in the same hemisphere! Thankfully this book got it right and didn’t include any cute tuxedo birds.

One through ten,
all leaped on again,
for one more run
and a little more fun
in the moonlit land
of the midnight sun.

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