Tot School No Naps, Tantrums, and Puzzles

Tot SchoolMr. Blue Sky is 24 months old.

I’ve been terrible about getting anything planned or organized so we’ve pretty much had non-stop free play here. Most of every day is filled with playing with his trains and duplos. I’ve noticed that he’s really enjoying lining up all the trains and cars, that’s a new fascination for him.

Last weekend MBS (Mr. Blue Sky) learned about carpet removal and was a “Very Useful Engine” (we watch a LOT of Thomas!). We have a leak in our living room wall (outside cement patio is the same level as the slab foundation so rain has just worked it’s way in) and while long term repair means removing the patio, tearing out the rotten boards and drywall and rebuilding a section of the wall, the short term fix was removing the wet carpet so we can at least dry up the puddle as it forms. MBS was fascinated by the carpet removal. At first I was worried that it was going to have lots of fumes or dust and it would be dangerous but it was actually pretty easy, dirty but not gross. He was really helpful in moving the cut up carpet squares to where we were piling them and ripping up the padding and putting it into the trash bags. Each time we removed a section of carpet he’d go onto the cement floor and do a little dance, it was very cute!

Aside from me not being organized right now we’ve been having a tough time because of 2 things MBS is doing, I’m pretty sure they’re connected and I’m hoping that time will just fix it or we’ll find some routine that helps. So what are the 2 things?

  1. MBS has decided he no longer wants any naps. He REFUSES to lay down and take an early afternoon nap, a few times he has fallen asleep early but if I try to get him to nap it just means a big tantrum. Of course with no nap he just keeps getting crankier and crankier as the day goes on and at least half of the nights he falls asleep right at dinner time, napping through dinner (and he needs all the food he can get!) and waking about bed time with lots of energy! So I end up staying up really late with him… I am so tired!
  2. He’s been having some really major tantrums. I’m assuming this is because he’s tired and his sleep cycle is all out of whack. He’s gone a bit farther than his usual throwing himself on the ground screaming, several times he’s taken to running right into the wall head first giving himself glorious bruises (textured walls make weird bruises!)!

So, what do you do with 2 year old who no longer wants to nap but obviously needs a nap? How do you stop a toddler from hurting himself during a tantrum– trying to hold him just makes him angrier. I’ve been trying to calm him by asking him to “use words” and tell me what is making him so upset and some times that calms him but since his spoken vocabulary is very limited this sometimes just leads to more frustration.

Aside from tantrums and lack of naps things are going pretty well. His vocabulary is growing, today while we were out he correctly identified that what was driving next to us wasn’t just a “car” but a “truck”. When my Mom was here yesterday he actually said a full sentence (which I totally can’t remember!) and she was really surprised and I wasn’t which made me realize he’s been stringing a few words together for awhile now. (Woohoo!) The other day he had his Infantino Color and Texture Puzzle out and I turned around and realized he had put together several of the matches all by himself! I was super impressed, had to take photos on my phone and send them to Ryan at work.

Hoping to have a slightly more organized and together week (fingers crossed!) this coming week. Our theme will be Owls! I will also be posting books that we are reading for the Picture Book Challenge. To see what other tots are doing visit Tot School. Thanks for stopping by.

4 Replies to “Tot School No Naps, Tantrums, and Puzzles”

  1. This is my first time to your blog. I haven’t ever joined in on tot school…I don’t feel like I am very organized, but may start just because one of my goals this year is to have more “learning” time with my daughter. Marlee will be 2 on Wed. and I have noticed her spending more time in defiance mode myself. I am not sure how to help you, but my one advice would be to possibly ignore his tantrums to see if that helps. Sometimes they want to have the attention…positive or negative.

    I’m excited to see your owls post! 🙂

    oh and feel free to visit my blog, and also to enter my giveaway…

  2. Hi Brandi. Thanks for commenting.

    Unorganized and procrastinator would be good words to describe me. Scratch that, one of my resolutions was to be more positive about myself! Lol!

    I’m looking forward to your Tot School posts. I entered your giveaway, thanks.

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