Tot School

Tot SchoolMr. Blue Sky is 23 months 3 weeks old!

First Tot School post on our new blog! Ryan just registered the domain and set up the blog for me today so no cute graphics or neat widgets up yet. One thing about our new blog is that I don’t want to use our son’s name, so from now on he will be Mr. Blue Sky. This paragraph was added to the post after the rest was written and I’m amazed at how hard it was for me to remember to not use his name!

We haven’t done much in the way of Tot School the last several weeks. We’ve all had some sniffles and I was miserable with a sore throat for days, that combined with holiday preparations meant not much else got done. Sadly our advent countdown activity ended up having a lot of  blank days, some because I just felt too sick and others because the activity I had planned went bust. Turns out Mr. Blue Sky really doesn’t like sticking his hand in plaster (to make hand print ornaments) or getting paint put on his hands. Poor little guy, thought we were torturing him.

He did get to build a gingerbread train with Daddy. Though, technically Ryan did all the building– Mr. Blue Sky wouldn’t even touch the frosting bag. He loved watching Ryan work though, even brought his Thomas engine up to ride in the gingerbread cargo car!

We had a wonderful Christmas and Mr. Blue Sky was blessed with many, many, many new toys! My Mom had spent the night with us so she was there to open gifts in the morning, we also Skyped with Ryan’s parents and my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Next Saturday Mr. Blue Sky will be 2 years old! Hard to believe. I’m really looking forward to all the wonderful things we’ll get to do in 2011. Can’t wait to see how he grows and learns.

Wishing everyone a very Happy 2011! To see what other tots are doing visit Tot School!

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